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Name:THE NORDIC FIVE | a musebox
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congrats on the character songs, you fucking memes

THE MUSEBOX OF SEVEN DUMB NERDSlayout[community profile] kalmarunion

[personal profile] northernlion: Hello Denmark.
[personal profile] nordicking: Hi
[personal profile] northernlion: How are you
[personal profile] nordicking: Hygge
[personal profile] northernlion: Good.
[personal profile] northernlion: You're a bitch who will never amount to anything, has no future, and will end up dying in a cesspool of death.
[personal profile] northernlion: Good day.
[personal profile] nordicking: ok

[personal profile] nordicking: I am always up for gay sex on the side, regardless of my current relationship status.
[personal profile] northernlion: That's what she said.
[personal profile] longships: Dude, shut up. Your jokes are fucking terrible.
[personal profile] longships: They're so fucking bad, my little brother won't even laugh at them.
[personal profile] vittu: That's because I hit him with a shovel.

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being ambiguously gay, bullying estonia, coffee, drinking, drunken brawls, eating licorice, everyone's an idiot except for iceland, excluding estonia, finland get my dambolis, finland's mom pants, getting drunk and disorderly at metal concerts, hygge, ikea, m'wife, moi moi motherfuckers!, onii-chan, shut up denmark, smør, stop mumbling sweden, æøå
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